Meteos has developed an expert methodology for multi-sector dialogues. It allows participating companies, investors and institutions to better understand how their operating landscape is likely to change, and what relationships, behaviours and business models will be critical to success in the future.


  • alice: A forum seeking to define and promote a new leadership voice on the urgent environmental and social challenges we face.
  • BankingFutures: A dialogue, co-convened by Meteos and Leaders Quest, with senior leaders in the banking sector on the long-term trends influencing value in their sector.
  • EnergyFutures: An investor-led dialogue exploring the long-term trends impacting on the stability of the energy system.
  • Nice International Stakeholder Forum: A dialogue and consultation process to build cooperation between stakeholders involved in the implementation of evidence-based decision-making in health systems in low- and middle-income countries.
  • PharmaDiplomacy: A leadership initiative aimed at overcoming the trust deficit between people in health systems and the pharmaceutical industry.
  • PharmaFutures: A dialogue between senior pharmaceutical executives, institutional investors and health systems representatives on balancing shareholder and societal interests in drug development and delivery.
  • Wellcome Trust Sustaining Health: A cross-sector dialogue to explore the relationship between health, environment and nutrition, and to enhance the ability of the Trust’s Sustaining Health initiative to improve health outcomes.