Meteos supports senior teams to hold strategic conversations, directed at helping organisations to clarify purpose, strategy and understanding of the system dynamics within which they operate. The Meteos approach helps organisations to explore the “models of change” within the systems they are aiming to influence.


  • Access to Medicines Index: Facilitation of the ATMI Access to Medicines Workshop, bringing together pharmaceutical industry leaders to discuss and enhance access to medicines strategies within their companies and sector.
  • CleanMed: Support to the design and facilitation of the ‘CleanMed’ conference on scaling up sustainability strategies in health systems, convened by the Centre for Sustainable Healthcare.
  • Climate Change Strategy: Meteos supports the strategy development of a number of NGOs regarding their work on climate change, particularly around campaigning and communications.
  • Green Alliance: Facilitation of the Green Alliance strategy review.
  • Julie’s Bicycle: Facilitation of a strategic dialogue on sustainability and governance for senior executives in the creative industries.