Sophia Tickell

- Co-Founder and Partner

Sophia Tickell is Co-Founder and Partner at Meteos. She is specialist in research-based, high-level facilitation of cross-sector dialogues that aim to achieve better alignment between corporate and public interests. Sophia is also a researcher, writer and analyst with specific expertise in banking, healthcare, climate change and food.

Sophia is a historian. She has over fifteen years’ experience of running high-level, multi-stakeholder dialogues between senior stakeholders in the pharmaceutical, banking and energy sectors. She has a long-term interest and commitment in ensuring that the financial system is restored to its role of service and is more responsive to social and environment needs in its investment practices. Sophia is an analyst and writer of many reports resulting from the many dialogues she has overseen. She has extensive board and advisory experience, having previously served as Chairperson and Executive Director of Sustainability Ltd, a sustainability think tank and consultancy, being a trustee of Green Alliance; and on the board of the Access to Medicines Index. She is currently an external advisor to the Corporate Responsibility Committee of GlaxoSmithKline’s Board and to the company’s CEO and non-Executive Director of Lion Trust Asset Management.

Areas of Expertise

Knowledge of Financial Services Sector

  • Fifteen years work with financial sector: Experience of working with fund managers and sell-side analysts to improve their understanding and appreciation of societal expectations and environmental constraints.
  • Advisory Board Member Aviva, Alliance Trust and Lion Trust: Experience of representing client interests on advisory committees of a number of investment houses.

Research, Writing and Analysis

  • Research: Undertaking, commissioning and overseeing research, with particular expertise on banking and pharmaceuticals and energy.
  • Writing: Author of multiple reports.
  • Analysis: Analysing complex systems and identifying the most important intervention points to achieve change quickly.

Influencing Skills

  • Engagement with Senior Leaders: Extensive experience of engagement with senior decision-makers in global companies, regulators, government and civil society to achieve practical commitments to tangible outcomes.
  • Advocacy: Articulation of specific positions and navigating their successful adoption within complex organisations.

Convening, Facilitation & Diplomacy

  • Multi-sector dialogues and networks: Design, convening and facilitation of senior dialogues to analyse systemic challenges and find shared solutions.
  • Stakeholder consultations: Designing and facilitating processes of stakeholder engagement for government, companies and organisations.

Leadership Mentoring

  • Executive Team Purpose & Performance: Advice and support for senior leadership.
  • Mentoring and coaching NGO leaders: Executive support to various NGO leaders.