The reform of UK banking offers a unique opportunity to undertake a systemic rethink about what we need from the sector. To this end, Leaders’ Quest and Meteos convened the BankingFutures Group of thoughtful, principled bank leaders, investors and sector experts to catalyse a vibrant public consultation on how to rebuild a healthy UK banking sector. Following a six-month consultation with over 200 stakeholders, the Group produced a final report in February 2016.

Those consulted included:

  • Over 30 civil society and consumer organisations
  • Senior regulators, including from the Prudential Regulatory Authority and Financial Conduct Authority
  • Fund managers and Chief Investment Officers from some of the biggest investment firms with UK bases
  • Governance and ESG experts from those and other investment firms
  • The Chief Financial Officers and treasurers of (large and mid-cap) corporates in UK
  • The company chairmen of the UK-based BankingFutures participants (Barclays, HSBC, Lloyds, Santander)
  • Employees of the participating banks
  • CFOs and Chief Executive Officers of smaller and new entrant banks

“The financial crisis was a painful reminder that commercial banks should operate for the good of the public, their customers. Now we must tackle the question of what banking system we do want. BankingFutures is an important initiative involving a wide group of stakeholders. It has a call to leadership, to respect customers and to support our economy. The report is an important start but it must not gather dust. Now we must all make the change happen,” says Andrew Bailey, Deputy Governor Bank of England.

The Working Group

The BankingFutures Group is made up of senior bank executives, institutional investors and banking experts, participating in a personal capacity.

James Alexander, Partner, NGDP Advisers LLC; Previous Head of Equities Research, M&G Investments (May 2002 – May 2015)
John Flint, Chief Executive, Retail Banking and Wealth Management, HSBC Holdings Plc
Kirt Gardner, Chief Financial Officer Wealth Management, UBS
James Garvey, Managing Director, Head of Capital Markets, Lloyds Banking Group
Andy Griffiths, Senior Advisor, Corsair Capital; Executive Director, Investor Forum
Jessica Ground, Global Head Of Stewardship, Schroders
Matt Hammerstein, Head of Client and Customer Experience, Personal and Corporate Banking, Barclays
Stephen Jones, Previous Chief Financial Officer, Santander UK (Until Oct 2015)
Natasha Landell-Mills, Head of Stewardship, Sarasin & Partners
Stuart Lewis, Chief Risk Officer and Member of the Management Board and Group Executive Committee, Deutsche Bank
Glen Moreno, Chairman, Pearson (Until Dec 2015); Chairman, Virgin Money
Nick Robins, Co-Director, Inquiry into the Design of a Sustainable Financial System, UNEP
Simon Samuels, Consultant
Helen Wildsmith, Stewardship Director, Climate Change, CCLA

Consultation Participants

BankingFutures benefited from the active engagement of over 200 people at roundtables, in interviews and by written submission. Most people were happy to have their participation acknowledged by being included in the following participant list. Inclusion in this list, however, should not be taken as endorsement of all the project’s conclusions or findings. To see a full list: click here