EnergyFutures, an investor-led dialogue, explored the long-term trends affecting the stability of the energy system. The most recent dialogue examined how the combination of new technologies, political will and market forces has recently transformed supply and demand. The scale and speed of the change took most people by surprise, including many investors. It demonstrated how an apparently immutable energy system may be both vulnerable to and capable of more change, and explored how climate change may become material as a similarly transformational force.

The EnergyFutures dialogue took place over two years, with an initial conversation between institutional investors and senior executives from companies within the energy system that took place between January and June 2011. The second dialogue, which took place between May and August 2013, was limited to participants from the investor community. The EnergyFutures report reflects the investors’ conclusions from this dialogue.

Who is involved?

The first dialogue brought together a Working Group of companies (BP, National Grid, Nissan, Shell, Tata Power) and investors (APG, Aviva, Robeco, USS). The second, and more recent dialogue, was an investor dialogue and included APG, Aviva, Alliance Trust, Bank of America Merrill Lynch, HSBC, Robeco, Sarasin, and USS.

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