International Decision Support Initiative: Stakeholder Forum

The International Decision Support Initiative (IDSI) is an initiative convened by NICE International to support low and middle income governments in making resource allocation decisions for healthcare. The initiative more broadly aims to identify practical ways to provide peer-to-peer support for more systematic, fair and evidence informed priority setting in healthcare.

As a contribution to IDSI, Meteos is working with NICE International to convene a multi-stakeholder group to explore proposals on how to embed evidence-based decision-making into plans to offer universal health coverage.

The aim of this consultation is to enhance communication and engagement between key stakeholders, public and private, in the process of HTA development and of priority setting. The consultation will scope areas of greatest potential challenge, to identify possible pitfalls, and to propose steps to facilitate stakeholder collaboration on this important issue.

The project is funded jointly by the UK’s Department for International Development and the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.

Who is involved?

The group at the multi-stakeholder consultation will be made up of representatives of lower and middle income country government payers and health systems representatives, international donors and health technology assessors, pharmaceutical industry (both generic and proprietary) product development partnerships, health insurers, providers and patient representatives. It will jointly develop an analysis of the political and technical pitfalls to be avoided in order to ensure the smooth introduction of appropriate tools for evidence-based decision-making.

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