A quick overview

PharmaFutures is an investor-led dialogue that explores how to better align corporate profitability with improved access to innovative and affordable healthcare.

PharmaFutures has run since 2004 and is now in its fifth iteration – Innovation in health systems.

Innovation remains core to our success, ensuring we research and develop new medicines and vaccines which address unmet medical needs. The Shared Value report outlines how all stakeholders including industry, investors, governments and regulators can play their part in ensuring the appropriate balance between value for money and delivering fair rewards for innovation can be achieved.

Simon Jose, GSK

PharmaFutures 1

The Pharmaceutical Sector: A Long-Term Value Outlook, addressed the dilemma of how to convince investors of ongoing profitability while simultaneously meeting changing and growing societal expectations.

PharmaFutures 2

PharmaFutures 2 – Prescription for long term value, analysed the present operating environment rather than focusing on long-term futures.

PharmaFutures 3

PharmaFutures 3 – Emerging Opportunities, explored the links between sustainable pharmaceutical business models and improved health outcomes in middle-income markets, including China, India and Brazil.

PharmaFutures 4

PharmaFutures 4 explored the need for industry to reframe its social contract to ensure that market signals about unmet patient need and incentives for R&D were better aligned.

PharmaFutures 5

PharmaFutures 5 explored the healthcare impact of long-term trends in a radically changed economic context, and how healthcare innovation can be harnessed to improve productivity and efficiency.