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    ‘Principles for Collaborative, Mutually Acceptable Drug Pricing,’ concludes the PharmaDiplomacy Dialogue, an EU/US, multi-stakeholder leadership initiative which analysed how to rebuild trust between the pharmaceutical industry and its key stakeholders, focusing on the critical issue of drug pricing. The report establishes what will be required from payers, pharma and patients to move towards mutually acceptable drug pricing.


    The Groundwork Framework: Seven Steps to Successful Healthcare Priority-Setting, concludes the Groundwork Dialogue. The Dialogue was a high-level, cross-country and cross-sector leadership initiative designed to address the political and technical pitfalls that may hinder healthcare priority-setting, and to improve communication channels between relevant parties.


    Vital Connections: Science, Society and Sustaining Health concludes the Sustaining Health dialogue commissioned of Meteos by the Wellcome Trust. The report explores how a growing human population is placing severe pressure on food, water, climate and biodiversity systems.


    The iDSI Stakeholder Engagement report is the outcome of a stakeholder consultation through interviews with a wide range of stakeholders. The goals of the consultation were to solicit feed-back on how iDSI can maximise its impact and gather input on the form and agenda of an ongoing iDSI Stakeholder engagement mechanism.


    Pathways to Value: Pharma in a Changing World analyses key trends that are reshaping how payers, patients and providers think about the value that medicines provide. It draws on research from three regions (Europe, emerging markets and US) to conclude with recommendations on new approaches to drug research, licensing and pricing.


    Pharma’s New Productivity Challenge: Cost and Choice in the US Market looks at changes in the world’s largest pharmaceutical market and explores how the pharmaceutical sector will need to adapt to changing expectations and requirements from payers, providers and patients. This is the third of three regional reports in PharmaFutures 5.


    Pharma’s New Productivity Challenge: Perspectives from Europe explores the long-term pressures facing European health systems, the impacts of austerity on health systems, and their implications for pharmaceuticals in Europe. This is the first of three regional reports in PharmaFutures 5.


    Shared Value (2011) explores the growing challenge of reconciling unmet patient need with pharmaceutical R&D, in the context of changes in what society is willing to pay for and concerns among investors about the return on investment. This is the final report of PharmaFutures 4.

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