Principles for Collaborative, Mutually Acceptable Drug Pricing
    ‘Principles for Collaborative, Mutually Acceptable Drug Pricing,’ concludes the PharmaDiplomacy Dialogue, an EU/US, multi-stakeholder leadership initiative which analysed how to rebuild trust between the pharmaceutical industry and its key stakeholders, focusing on the critical issue of drug pricing. The report establishes what will be required from payers, pharma and patients to move towards mutually acceptable drug pricing.
    The Groundwork Framework
    The Groundwork Framework: Seven Steps to Successful Healthcare Priority-Setting, concludes the Groundwork Dialogue. The Dialogue was a high-level, cross-country and cross-sector leadership initiative designed to address the political and technical pitfalls that may hinder healthcare priority-setting, and to improve communication channels between relevant parties.
    Launched in November 2013, alice is a call for new leadership.