iDSI Stakeholder Engagement report

The International Decision Support Initiative (iDSI) was convened to support low and middle income governments in making resource allocation decisions for healthcare. The initiative more broadly aims to identify practical ways to provide peer-to-peer support for more systematic, fair and evidence informed priority setting in healthcare.

As a contribution to iDSI, Meteos undertook a stakeholder consultation through interviews with a wide range of stakeholders. The goals of the consultation were to:

  • Solicit feed-back from a diverse group of stakeholders on how iDSI can maximise its impact in support of government priority-setting.
  • Solicit input on the form and agenda of an ongoing iDSI stakeholder engagement mechanism.

The iDSI Stakeholder Engagement report summarises the outcomes of interviews and concludes with an initial set of options for ongoing stakeholder engagement. The findings will inform iDSI’s future governance & accountability, engagement with stakeholders, and the definition of roles among partner organisations. For further information and updates on iDSI, see the iDSI website (