Money Comms Lab

Money Comms Lab is a collaborative research project that aims to understand, synthesise and develop the latest knowledge about the most effective ways to engage and communicate with the public on issues relating to money and the financial system.

The project aims to inform and support the communications and engagement work of organisations and projects working in the public interest on issues relating to money and the financial system. This includes those working to represent a societal view on the quality and provision of financial services, as well as regulation and reform of the monetary and financial systems. Ultimately, the Lab aims to contribute to the strengthening of a societal voice that can represent the public’s views on the purpose and future of the financial system, as well as increase the accountability of the system.

Following research and a workshop in July 2015 with communication experts from across civil society, innovation and academia, the project produced ‘Communicating About Money and the Financial System’ in April 2016, which is intended as a shared resource that can be used and developed by others working to communicate about money and the financial system.

The report lays out the analysis of the communication challenge that participants built through Money Comms Lab. This includes an outline of its root causes and how these manifest as barriers to effective communication. It presents the lessons participants have learned in order to overcome these communication barriers. Finally, the report concludes with three ideas about what needs to happen to develop and improve communications on money and the financial system.