The Groundwork Framework

The Groundwork Framework: Seven Steps to Successful Healthcare Priority-Setting, concludes the Groundwork Dialogue. The Dialogue was a high-level, cross-country and cross-sector leadership initiative designed to address the political and technical pitfalls that may hinder healthcare priority-setting, and to improve communication channels between relevant parties. It also sought to set a tone and approach for collaborative problem-solving that can be replicated.

The Groundwork Framework outlines what both government and industry might do to ensure that the introduction of priority-setting results in people obtaining the medicines they need, at an affordable price. The following seven steps outline how this might work:

  • Strong government commitment to and leadership of the priority-setting process
  • Adoption of a strategic plan for priority-setting, informed by health needs and priorities
  • Creation of new governmental/public structures and/or strengthening of existing ones to manage and ensure quality in priority-setting processes
  • Introduction of clear, transparent processes for priority-setting and decision-making
  • Establishment of clear mechanisms for review, monitoring and appeal of allocation decisions
  • Allocation of resources for data collection and analysis
  • Commitment to ongoing stakeholder consultation throughout the process

The Groundwork Framework was launched at a High-Level Meeting in Hanoi on 22nd April and is now available for use as guidance by companies and governments wishing to benefit from the expertise and collective inputs of the Groundwork group.